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What's new on the Hillside Coin Club web site?

As I add to and change this site, I'll try to list the additions and changes on this page so you (and I) can see quickly what I have changed.

  • 19 Dec 2015 Put the Jan 2016 newsletter online.
  • 26 Nov 2015 Put the December newsletter online.
  • 28 Oct 2015 Put the November newsletter online.
  • 29 Sept 2015 Added this is a new page keep track changes, additions, and deletions to your HCC web site. I recently made several changes at the request of your officers and some that I saw needed to be done as I was doing the others:

    • On the Home page I
      • Put the October newsletter online (routine).
      • Replaced the existing pictures on the home page with the 400th meeting member picture and the souvenir round.
      • Added David Simpson's early history page.
      • Replaced the old borchure with the new one.
      • Made the text area narrower to make the page easier to read.
      • Added this What's new on the Hillside Coin Club web site? page and added a link to it in the table of contents. You can check here periodically to see if I added or changed something that you don't know about.
    • On the Pictures page I
      • Added a topic for the 400th meeting and put the pictures there.
      • Put the pictures that were on the first page on the pictures page.
      • Rearranged things a bit including correcting and expanding the contents links on the top of the page.
      • Found a picture of the members at the 300th meeting and the 300th meeting cake and added them to the pictures page.

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